Winter Sleep Out


All the grade 5’s and 6’s went back to school on Thursday at 5.30pm but I came at 5.15 we got all our sleeping things like a sleeping bag, pillow and a torch. Then we needed to take a test about movies,music and sport. Our group name was called Justice Team. Then we went outside to play footy it was fantastic. Then we watched a movie about a person who could talk to all animals, it was called Doctor Dolittle, it was funny. We ate our dinner then we had supper, after diner it was a special night for Hayley because it was her birthday we all enjoyed some birthday cake. We went to sleep between 10pm – 11pm. Then we woke up and had breakfast it was yummy. My mum picked me up and I went home on Friday.

What we did in order

  • First we came to school
  • Got our sleeping stuff ready
  • Had dinner
  • We all did a quiz
  • Then had supper
  • Then movie
  • Then went to bed
  • Then woke up and had breakfast
  • I went home

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