Inquiry T4 Reflection

Week 5

This week I enjoyed robotics

I have learnt how to design and make a problem and solve the problem.

Challenges I faced is design because it is hard to design a new invention like a sport shoe

Next week I am going to do update my work about black widow new sport shoe


What I did: Charles and I built a different robot out of Lego it was a drum monkey and a bird that spins around also a spinning top.

What I learnt: I learnt how to build a Lego robot ane the different seances that they have also what they do.

What I enjoyed: I enjoyed building the robots also whatching other robots working.

Week 6

I learnt how to do one of my pages for inquiry on doc.

I enjoyed my design.

This week I found out what is my materials I need for my black widow sport shoes.

My goals are:

To Finnish my docs 9 pages on D.T

Week 7

This week I am going to make a symbol for our brand

My goals are to start getting ingredients.

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