Why is it so and can it be better?


I liked it when Celie showed us information

I enjoyed reading the history of telephones

I am learning about telephone I wonder how long it took to make the telephone

Now I want to lear more


I liked how we made a bridge

I enjoyed making the bridge with my group

I learnt how to work with a group and help each other

I wonder how big can you make a bridge



What did I learn I learnt that triangles are the strongest shape

How did I use design I made paper and made it a cylinder

How will I use this new knowledge help me in the future I might become a builder


I leant about  designs and plans

I enjoyed drawing

I wonder how long it takes to make a object

I did not do Fiona’s workshop and also Paul’s work shop


Facts About Computers And How They Help Us

1. Computers come in all different sources like I pads or plans

2. Computers are not all ways fast the some times fail on you

3. They help you learn by games and things like that

4. The Americans got there computers at 1940s



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