I can: write down history for R.E

Mary MacKillop

I learn t that she did 2 miracles and she was the first S.T. Mary Mackillop made a school for people who did not have enough money.

Easter Sunday

The story what happened on the day:

Jesus was on the cross then on Easter he rose from the dead.

How do we celebrate this day:

We hide Easter eggs and say that the Easter bunny was here to hide them.

What customs are linked to Easter Sunday ?:

We put on rabbit costumes or we might eat chocolate

What do we do at the church on Easter:

Easter is the greatest feast. On Sunday we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead.






Confirmation means When you are fully part of the church and holy sprit


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  1. Dear Jack,

    You have worked hard this semester in Religion and have shown an excellent understanding comparing the last supper to the parts of Mass.
    Well done.

    From Fiona

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