Performing Arts

I can: write a reflection of my work I have done


Semester 1 Reflection:

mime: cant talk you have to use body language and facial expression it is very fun and I didn’t even now what was mime before.

created: it is good to learn new things and it is always fun also new games.



Hamish copper Ethan Kelly

They have good effects they have sound everyone is included good imagination and expression

Olivia and Hayley

They have objects and music actions dance when they make a mistake they fix it they have cloths and they work together they show middle and endd

Tyla and Zion

They have props music actions dance expressions and cloths the work together.

Estelle and Nusica

They have music movement expression.

Semester 2 Reflection

What I’ve learnt: I have learnt how to be a positive person and to make sure I be nice to others. Also I have learnt how to work on a group and I’ve learnt different dances. I’ve learnt how to work with others and to work my hardest.

What I’ve enjoyed: I have enjoyed to make my England project we had to find info of England food and what kind of dance English people do. I’ve enjoyed working with over people and to Learnt different things about different  countries. Also finding different introments and having fun with my friends.

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